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2021 Class Schedule

We are now offering all the same great class styles direct from my home to your home live with DME Fitness Online 

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We are currently running some Trial Classes in the Community with Social Distancing in place. Our Community Classes will re-open in September 2021. Further Details on Venues, Days and Times will be published here soon. We look forward to welcoming you back to classes.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Cardio Fitness

Every class is different, I love a traditional Aerobic workout and Cardio Fitness is just that! It is the best way to work your whole body. You will find great music and you will get an all over body blast, a combination of Cardio, toning and strength work.

I like to mix things up so you might find the class has a dance or Salsa flavour, you might find some kick boxing / combat and working with small hand weights, a chair or resistance bands. Please do not worry if you haven’t got the right equipment you can improvise with two 75cl water bottles for weights and the belt from your dressing gown makes an excellent resistance band. What ever the style I promise you it will be fun and highly effective.


Opening in September 2021 – Check back soon for details

Dance Fitness

A fun filled class, with all types of dance, to name just a few styles, you will Jive, Salsa, Flamenco, Street, Disco, Bollywood and Samba your way through class burning off lots of calories. Please do not panic, no experience is required (and no partner to tread on your toes) It is simply an amazing way to increase your level of fitness.


Opening in September 2021 – Check back soon for details


A standing or mat based workout designed to enhance your strength, balance, control, increase your mobility and flexibility. It will give you a greater awareness of posture and alignment and help with relaxation and breathing. It is hard work and bliss combined.


Opening in September 2021 – Check back soon for details

Stretch, Relax & Breathe

A short class, perfect for winding down at the end of the day or perhaps on a day when you need to give your body a little bit of TLC. All the muscles will feel lengthened and stretched out then breathing techniques and relaxation ideas are used for helping you to chill out and even get a better night’s sleep.


Online only via DME Fitness Online

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