Fitness, Friendship and Fun


I have been teaching Fitness Classes for 20 years and I absolutely love how exercise makes me feel, I want to share my passion for Fitness and I want everyone who takes part in my classes to feel like they are succeeding so my choreography is always simple enough to follow, but challenging enough to make you work hard. My classes incorporate lots of different styles including Aerobics, Salsa, Jive, Circuits and Boxing to mention a few, there is no chance of you getting bored with the same old routines. I keep my training updated with all the latest fitness trends as well as the important health and safety aspects.


‘Friends who work-out together stay together’

I believe this to be true, lifelong friendships have been formed in my classes and this has continued even throughout lockdown, it’s wonderful to see people chatting, laughing and supporting each other in live classes and now in this new online world.

The friends you make at DME Fitness will be friends for years to come, you will never regret taking that first step into our classes.


Maybe Fun should have come first, it is so important, getting fitter and healthier can be hard work but, it really does not have to be. When I ask my ladies why they come to class, fun is always the first answer, swiftly followed of course by the many serious health benefits, but it is the fun that keeps them coming time and time again. Great music, wonderful sing-along songs, social events, and charity fundraisers. This is so much more than a Fitness Class. I cannot wait to welcome you onboard.

What People Are Saying About Us

"Donna I cannot thank you enough for setting up our online classes. When we approached lockdown, one of my biggest dreads was that our classes, which I have enjoyed and benefitted from for more years than I like to think, would be..."
Marilyn Wood

"Donna, your online classes have been a godsend! I love the Dance Fitness class and love that I can do the Facebook live classes around work, dog walks etc there is so much variety to choose from, no two classes are the same..."
Sarah Wooding

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